Liquorice is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean that has been used medicinally across the world for thousands of years.


Liquorice is generally dark blue to black in colour and the root is typically sweet although bitter varieties can be found.


Health Benefits


  • Has significant antibacterial properties which help fight infections in the body such as sore throats and colds. (1)


  • High in antioxidants which scavenge harmful free radicals, preventing the formation of cancerous cells. (2)


  • Liquorice root improves digestion and helps soothe irritation and inflammation of your digestive tract. (3)


  • Liquorice is high in fibre and has a natural laxative effect that promotes quicker digestion through the colon. (4)


  • Liquorice is an adaptogenic herb, thus it can help your body deal with stress and anxiety by regulating cortisol (the stress hormone). (5)


  • Liquorice has oestrogen-like effects and can provide women with menopausal support. (6)

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