Anxiety or depression is a type of disorder whereby the individual is in uncontrollable worry, compounded by physiological symptoms such as disturbed sleep, muscle tension and difficulty concentrating. [1]


People with this anxiety or depression tend to have poor quality diets which are low in fruits and vegetables, but high in saturated fats and sugar. [2]


Anxiety and depression plays a major role with an individual’s eating behaviour, regardless of the individual’s normal eating habits. [3]


However, this disorder can be treated by the power of nutritious foods. [4]



Number 1. Spinach

  • Contain high levels of magnesium which can reduce anxiety.[5]


  • Extremely high in iron which can reduce the risk of mood disorders including anxiety.[6]


  • Contains a good level of vitamin C which is known to improve the symptoms of depression. [7]



Number 2. Nuts & Seeds

  • Contain high levels of tryptophan and serotonin content is which is crucial is reducing anxiety levels and promotes better sleep. [8]


  • Have a good B vitamin complex, including B6, B12 and folic acid which can reduce forms of anxiety such as depression.[9]


  • Chia seeds have a great Omega 3 (essential fatty acid) content which help to reduce inflammation and therefore the risk of developing depression. Chia seeds are also effective in treating depression. [10]



Number 3. Dark Chocolate/Cacao

  • Consuming dark chocolate or cacao can significantly reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms.


  • Cacao affects your emotions and mood by raising serotonin levels, which explains why chocolate is often craved in depressing times. (11)

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