This Tartare recipe is a prebiotic and probiotic all in one.


The first layer provides a creamy taste whilst the second provides the fermented probiotic goodness consisting of a delicate, tangy taste reminiscent of rose’ champagne!


Probiotics contain properties which improve your gut flora and microbiome which are proven to make you feel happier and strengthen your immune system – particularly useful when you have a flu.


This is an entrée that I’ll drink to and I hope you join me.


For 2 people

Blend in a food processor (1st layer)



Blend in a food processor (2nd layer)




Activated cashews are when the cashews have been soaked for at least up to 8 hours in cold water or 20 minutes in boiling water. The purpose is to remove the phytic acid in the cashews which we often find difficult to break down. Phytic acid can cause digestive discomfort as well as act as an antinutrient by preventing the absorption of the other bioavailable nutrients contained in the cashews.

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